Started in September, 1991 with the Early Childhood Division only.

Secondary Division

Baptist Academy Antigua Graduation
(a) Highest pass rate in the nation in CXC/CSEC Examinations every year
(b) Captured the #1 position in the nation in CSEC in 2009, 2016 & 2017
(c) 100% passes in CSEC English A and Mathematics every year
(d) Students have made the CSEC Regional Merit List in the subject areas of Mathematics, Human & Social Biology, Integrated Science, Information Technology, Principles of Accounts, Social Studies and Office Administration.
(e) Prepares students for standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT in the Pre-college (Grade 12) class.
(f) Every year our students are recipients of several awards at the National CSEC/CXC Awards.
Extra-curricular Activities
(a) Steel Pan - the Baptist Academy Steel Ensemble not only plays for school activities but has contributed on the national level in events such as the CSEC/CXC National Awards as well as the Grade 6 National Assessment Awards
(b) Dance – the dance group has also contributed on the national level in the Grade 6 National Assessment Awards.
(c) Drama
(d) Choir
(e) Football
(f) Basketball
(g) Athletics

Elementary Division

Baptist Academy Antigua Students
(a) Most students in the Top Hundred in the Common Entrance/G6NA every year.
(b) Captured the #1 student in the nation 8 times since 2003
(c) Captured the #2 spot in the nation 7 times since 2007
(d) Foreign Language Spanish
Extra-curricular Activities
(a) Steel Pan
(b) Choir
(c) Dance
(d) Football
(e) Basketball

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