• Baptist Press News December 22, 2014
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Dancing with Idolatry

The East Caribbean Baptist Mission is pleased to announce the publication of a new book by Dr. Hensworth W.C. Jonas: DANCING WITH IDOLATRY: Are you bowing to a false god? (Xulon Press)

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Please assist us in promoting this book by encouraging your relatives, friends, local churches and local bookstores to get it.

BOOK SUMMARY: Idol worshippers today may be of the primitive kind or a little more sophisticated. Some are church members, but their true allegiance is not to the God of the Bible. We can be very creative in deifying what we value the most. We make idols out of anything. Our idols can be ideas, achievements, past times, entertainment, possessions, personalities, and even our own selves. These are worshipped when they become the supreme objects of our devotion, attention, spending, conversation, and relationships. A saving and abiding intimacy with Jesus Christ is the antidote to this poison.


?Hensworth Jonas has written about a timeless subject that imperils every human heart. It is the natural desire for our hearts to be mirrors into which we look and worship ourselves. Pastor Jonas shows how these mirrors of self must be broken by the truth and divinely replaced with hearts that are windows through which we seek and worship the one, true God through Jesus Christ.?

?Dr. Don Whitney, Senior Associate Dean & Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

?The most prevalent sin in the world is also the most revolting and damnable in God?s sight?namely, idolatry. Dr. Jonas? piercing call for reformation and the removal of idols comes not a moment too soon for a world filled with false gods. With all the punch and rhythm of a powerful preacher, Dancing with Idolatry will make you ?Amen!? in agreement, then soberly reflect on your own heart and devotion to God.?

?Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

?John Calvin refers to the human heart as an idol factory. In this book, Hensworth Jonas encourages us to take a close look at this dangerous reality as he calls believers to pull down the idols that already exist there and guard against the manufacture of any more.?

?Dr. Tom Ascol, Senior Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida & Executive Director, Founders Ministries

?Dancing With Idolatry is a profound and challenging book that gives pertinent awareness to the practical and subliminal dangers of idolatry. It is a call to examine one?s life against the biblical record to see if honor that is due to God is being misappropriated.?

?Pastor Keelan A. Atkinson, Senior Pastor, Word Fellowship Reformed Baptist Church, Greensboro, North Carolina


New Sermon

The Problem of ProximityMark 12:28-34
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Dancing With Idolatry

dancing with idolatry front cover

The book by Dr. Hensworth W.C. Jonas. DANCING WITH IDOLATRY: Are you bowing to a false god? (Xulon Press)

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